Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What We Learned From Obama's Prime Time Speech

So, Obama has asked for and been given by the networks the same number of PRIME TIME PRESS CONFERENCES as President Bush had in 8 years in office. This one was to campaign for his take over and socialization of the health care system. What did we learn from this hour of propaganda?

1) Obama is a broken record. He starts every speech he's ever made with the same words... "I took office amid the worst recession in half a century.... Our financial system was on the verge of collapse ... We have been able to pull the economy back from the brink." In short, he's blaming the previous administration for everything that is bad in America, again, and at the same time, claiming victory in fixing everything. This, in spite of rising unemployment which is going higher than his own administration predicted it would after passing the Generational Theft Act.

2) He's claiming that he's "created and saved jobs" in spite of no evidence to support that.

3) Obama is proud of and touting cuts in military spending.

4) He repeatedly complained that he "inherited enormous deficits," as if that excuses crating even bigger deficits. He also denied that the Generational Theft Act and ObamaCare would increase the deficits. In fact, he tried to make the case that both of these acts will reduce the deficit. That, of course, doesn't pass the laugh test, but if you tell a lie often enough....

5) He wants to pay doctors on the "quality" of care delivered, not the "quantity" of care. What that means is, doctors will be reimbursed based on what kinds of tests, what kinds of advice and what kinds of prescriptions they deliver. But they won't be paid for seeing lots of patients. While he offered no specifics, you can certainly extrapolate his speech and imagine the ramifications: "Doctor, you are going to make more money if you recommend abortions and birth control for children, you might make lots of money. If you see 100 sick patients in a given day, you might make nothing.

6) While hiding things from the public, he touted a "greater transparency" than the previous administration.

7) We learned absolutely no details about the coming health care proposals. Partly because Obama doesn't know any details, either.


MB July 22, 2009 at 11:05 PM  

Obama's "press conference" did not tell us anything new. Blame Bush, the Republicans, the economy was saved from the brink, blame the Republicans, it's not about me, I've been on television every day since the inauguration because I'm a narcissist, blame the republicans even though it's his own party who are to blame for slowing down runaway train. We know he is desperate when he thinks just his image on the tv screen will give him the support he needs to get this bill passed. I am sick of his blame game. He needs to own the problems he has created and quit blaming others. True, he did inherit a mess but he has taken a mess and turned it into a catastrophe!

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