Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Worn Arguments and Old Attitudes

The Washington Post put the first White House celebration of Gay Pride Month on the front page Tuesday, but the reporter left out some of the president's most liberal and most supportive lines from the transcript of his speech.

During his speech, Obama promised to be "an ally and a champion" of the gay left agenda and hailed gay activists "who have refused to accept anything less than full and equal citizenship."

Obama complained that there was still much work to do with all those old fuddy-duddies who still followed the "worn arguments and old attitudes" from places like the Bible.

"There are unjust laws to overturn and unfair practices to stop. And though we've made progress, there are still fellow citizens -- perhaps neighbors or even family members and loved ones -- who still hold fast to worn arguments and old attitudes, who fail to see your families like their families and who would deny you the rights that most Americans take for granted. And I know this is painful. And I know it can be heartbreaking."

I'm sure that the next step will be to get rid of some of those other old attitudes from the Bible like the puritanical views on murder and rape. Let's hope we can get past some of this.


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