Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Blue Dog Democrats Take Strong Stand

After several days of negotiating, it appears a health-takeover deal has been reached by the so-called Blue Dog Democrats. Details are still coming out, but it appears that the Blue Dogs sold out for about $100 Billion. Wow. $100 Billion out of a plan that is estimated to top the trillion dollar mark. Way to be, you "fiscally conservative" Blue Dogs!

One thing we have to keep in mind is that the label, "fiscally conservative," is a relative label applied by the mainstream media. These guys are fiscally conservative the same way Cher is young and "hip."

It would appear that the Blue Dogs have worked out an agreement that is designed to help them with the voters in their states. It "saves" $100 billion. If the whole health care system fails, they can say that they resisted it from the beginning and tried to make it work. If the system appears successful (at least in time for the next election cycle) they can claim credit for making it what it is. They can look moderate. They can help their party get the bill through. It's pretty much a no-lose situation for them, politically.

For the rest of the democrats, this could be a big blunder. Part of the deal is that the vote won't occur until the bill can be investigated; sometime after Labor Day. By that time, details will come out. Enough details that it should be clear just how bad this bill is for America.

The big question will be, will America be fooled into thinking this is a good thing, or will Americans see this for what it is. If there is a true open and honest debate over the details of the bill, and if that debate occurs in view of the public, there should be enough pressure put on moderate democrats to defeat the passage of the health care takeover.

If not ... we've got the Blue Dogs to kick around for a few more years.


Red July 29, 2009 at 4:36 PM  

Americans have the attention span of an eight year old. Let's hope this is a trend that dies with this administration's continued show of disdain for private citizen's and state's rights.

Mango's Madness July 29, 2009 at 5:03 PM  

The man that was elected last year is a complete tool. He has no respect for any of the rights that are granted to us. I hope he has to suffer under the same bull that we do. Oh I forgot, he is above the lowly people of this country. Man am I tired of this crap!

Just Griping

Brittanicus July 29, 2009 at 11:25 PM  

As our rights are infringed upon by our own government, Americans and those here legally will never benefit from a decent health care plan, owing to the abomination called ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. By an Act in United States Congress passed in 1986, Hospital and ambulance services must provide care to anyone needing emergency treatment in spite of citizenship, legal status or capacity to pay. The predicament being that 20 million plus illegal immigrant families are using this law, for even minor ailments such as the common cold. Why should foreign nationals sign up for health care or anything, when they can get Taxpayers to pay for it all..?
But this is not just an American dilemma, as it has been forcibly imposed on subjects of the European Union. This is causing a major derailment in the EU, because both legal and illegal entrants are stealing away the single payer medical care providers, to the citizens who have paid into the system from the time they first started work.

A decent controlled governmental health care benefit, can—NEVER--be established, when a startling report disclosed the details of a cloaked meeting between nationwide businesses and open-borders groups working under the radical cover of the IMMIGRATIONWORKSUSA a lobbying group. The secret Capitol Hill National Summit" took place last month and revealed the sinister intention behind the lobbying entities efforts.
Tamar Jacoby, who runs ImmigrationWorksUSA, kicked off the conference by stating the true aspiration of the coalition. The basic target is to promote THE FREE FLOW OF LABOR INTO THE USA, with—AS ALWAYS-- the taxpayer being the beneficiary for corporate welfare. They want expedited cheap labor, where no American worker—NEED APPLY!

WE MUST ACT NOW, OR IT WILL BE TOO LATE! These special interest lobbyists are well furnished with money from corporate America. We must empower mandated E-Verify as part of the Save Act, where everybody is screened in the workplace. Call your lawmaker TODAY! at 202-224-3121 I Want a health care system--even government run. BUT IT"S SURE TO FAIL, IF TAXES ARE BEING EXTORTED TO PAY FOR FREE HEALTH CARE FOR ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS?

Millions of phone calls from angry Americans are jamming the Washington Switchboards. It is making these pandering politicians to corporate welfare, very anxious. Support for the bi-partisan E-VERIFY PART OF THE SAVE Act, which will expand E-Verify and protect American Workers! We must focus on the monolithic problem in terminating illegal immigrants-and the jobs that attract illegal aliens. WE WILL ALWAYS BE PAYING FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS, UNLESS WE DO SOMETHING NOW? Many GOP members are against a Path to citizenship for lawbreakers, so we mostly need the phones ringing in the ears of Democrats, who see the millions of illegal aliens as a positive voting block. WE MUST STOP IT NOW OF SUFFER FROM IRREVERSIBLE POPULATION GROWTH.


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