Thursday, April 30, 2009

Being Linked To Obama Makes You Beautiful

There is no question that the MainStreamMedia has an extreme liberal bent. Sometimes it shows up in the most unusual places. People magazine, for example.  Guess who is on the list of People magazine's most beautiful people....

Michelle Obama, wife of the tele-prompter ... er, uh ... wife of the PRESIDENT ... made the list. Now, to be honest, I don't think Michelle Obama is ugly. I'm not going to make any jokes about her looks. But one of the 100 most beautiful? Not a chance.

How about Rahm Emmanuel. Known for heated tirades, Emmanuel looks like the father of Eddie Haskell.  People magazine should be expecting cards and letters of appreciation laced with expletives.

The real stretch, however, is Timothy "Turbo Tax" Geithner. Let's face it; if the folks at people magazine didn't know Geithner was a part of the Obama administration, he'd have a hard time making the list of America's 150 million most beautiful people. Geithner looks like the president of the high school chess club. He's the guy who thinks the guys with pocket protecters are cool. He probably took his cousin to the prom. 

Of course, it helps that Geithner's brother is a VP at People magazine.

When was the last time a well known conservative Republican made this list?


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