Thursday, April 23, 2009

Obama Flip-Flops on Investigation of Bush Administration

Under tremendous pressure from leftists politicians and other organizations, the Obama administration has changed its position on the potential investigation and prosecution of officials from the Bush administration over treatment of terrorists.

It appears that now the current administration is willing to allow, if not lead in, the investigation of the courageous men and women who tried to protect our nation and make us safer. Agree or not with the actual policies, this is a bad decision. These people did not violate any laws.

The same day, the Obama administration has taken the position that some 25 million illegal aliens are not actually here illegally. That's right. The official position is now that entering the country without documentation is not illegal. I've yet to read an explanation of this that makes any sense. Perhaps this has something to do with a relative of Obama being here illegally ... I mean, having entered the country without documentation.


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