Saturday, April 18, 2009

NY Governor to introduce Homosexual Marriage Bill

David A Paterson had decided that it's time for New York to sanction the marriage of homosexuals.  He announced on Thursday that he would introduce a bill to legalize homosexual marriage, comparing the homosexual marriage agenda to the civil rights movement.

Some have speculated that this is a diversionary tactic.  Paterson's poll numbers have dropped precipitously during the past few months as residents express their disapproval of his handling of the state's economic crisis.

There is no question that the legalization of homosexual marriage across the nation (which I believe will eventually happen) will cost us our religious freedom.  Once the homosexual rights movement becomes equated with civil rights in the judicial realm, Churches who still believe that the Bible teaches that homosexuality is wrong will be forced to change their doctrine or be persecuted by a government that treats them as a "hate group."  

While I have often heard from homosexuals the argument "Why shouldn't we have the same rights as everyone else?", I've never really heard a good argument why they SHOULD be granted the right to marry.  Can anyone enlighten me?  As I understand, they can be given all the same legal protections and rights in a "civil union" as a married couple have, just without the word "marriage" attached to it.  Other than "why shouldn't we?" someone tell me why we should change thousands of years of values and threaten our religious freedoms to allow them to use the word "married" with their relationship.


EatYourOkra April 21, 2009 at 12:01 PM  

Why aren't the people of each individual state allowed to vote on this issue?

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