Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Fix Is In

President Obama has been saying for months that you can’t fix the economy without first fixing healthcare. Originally a supporter of single-payer government healthcare, Obama states that he now believes private insurance should remain, but in competition with a public government-run option. Obama has a very interesting partner in pushing his plan: ABC (aka: All Barack Channel).

On June 24, if you tune in to ABC, the news will be broadcasting from the White House, followed by a primetime special “Prescription for America.” This program will be a townhall style question and answer session with the President. ABC claims this program will present both sides of the healthcare debate. However, the only party who will be answering questions and using prime network time to sell his views will be Barack Obama.

Faced with a seemingly one-sided sales event for Obama’s healthcare agenda, Ken McKay,Chief of Staff for the Republican National Committee wrote to the head of ABC News. He requested the opportunity to share the Republican’s healthcare reform ideas. He was rebuffed.

ABC News claims that the audience who will question Obama on his healthcare agenda will be chosen exclusively by ABC. ABC suggests that this will somehow present both sides of the issue. ABC fails to realize that asking a challenging question of the President is not the same as having the opportunity to answer that question and the time to persuade Americans that government healthcare is what we need.

Considering the government takeover of GM and the President’s desire to expand the Fed to take over companies whose survival it deems necessary, it should come as no surprise that the media, already carrying water for Obama since day one, now seems to be serving as his propagandists.

The fix is in, folks. The Dems control both houses of congress and the White House. The media is in the tank. The only public debate going on is on Fox News and on Talk Radio, and both of those venues are primarily "preaching to the choir." We will have National Health Care. The only questions are (1) What form will it take (i.e. complete takeover vs. gov't funding, etc);  and (2) When will we actually be considered a third world country?


RightKlik June 18, 2009 at 1:18 PM  

Great post. I think conservatives should call the MSM by a more accurate name: the "Democrat Media."

BTW: I think there is some real hope in defeating ObamaCare:

Supporters of ObamaCare are panicking:

ObamaCare is in trouble:

Congress Heal Thyself:

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