Thursday, June 25, 2009

I May Have Gotten This One Wrong

 A few days ago, I bogged agreement with Obama in his "hands off" approach to the Iran situation. As time goes on, it is beginning to look like both the Dear Leader and I were wrong on this approach.

The ruling regime has taken control of most (or all?) internet IP addresses and very little information is coming out of Iran compared to what we were getting last week. However, the bits of info that have leaked out indicate that Wednesday (yesterday) was the bloodiest day in Iran since the sham election results came out nearly two weeks ago. In fact, yesterday may well have been the bloodiest day in Iran's bloody history.

More and more it's beginning to appear that the average Joe in Iran (or should I say, the "average Mohammed"?) is wanting a regime change. Furthermore, it appears they are looking to us to help. In a nation whose primary language is Arabic, signs and interviews are appearing primarily in English. The obvious intended audience is not Middle Easterners, but rather Washington.

Bush was right.

Over the last few days, a lot of lefties have tried to connect the Obama Cairo speech to the goings on in Iran. That doesn't hold water. It is far more likely that Iranians are looking to their right and left and seeing a free Iraq and a free Afghanistan and wanting the same kind of freedom in their country. Yes, President Bush; Yes VP Cheney; you were both right. You can export Western style democracy and make vast improvements in the Middle East.

Now it's Iran's turn, but nobody is coming to their aid.


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