Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Obama and Media Laugh Together

At the 65th Annual Radio and Television Correspondents Dinner this week, President Barack Obama bragged about his "celebrity status" and joked about being in bed with the media who gave him that status. In a tasteless joke, Obama said after "tossing and turning" he "rolled over and asked Brian Williams what he thought."

Our president is joking about being in bed – literally – with the anchor of NBC News. Ha ha. That's hilarious. And the state-run media laughed on cue.

But not everyone is laughing. Despite the love affair the media has with Obama that inspired the editor of the San Francisco Chronicle to suggest they "get a room," and Newsweek's editor calling him "god," Rasmussen reports that the media-made celebrity has finally fallen out of favor with America – more of whom strongly disapprove of him than approve.

Maybe some of those who are awakening are, uh – were – owners of car dealerships before Obama came in and took them over. Wasn't it hysterical how the "powerful celebrity" Obama joked about giving everyone a car company under their chair? "Ha ha. Look at how powerful I am, watch me take over the free market and laugh about it." And the "watchdog" media howled.

Then Obama asked himself: "WWLD?" What would a wise Latina do? Ha ha. Racism. Isn't that funny? His nominee for the Supreme Court is a racist. But because she downgrades white men and non-Latina women, she gets a free pass to the highest court in our land.

Then he joked about how Sonia Sotomayor wants to rip off the blindfold of justice and make her policy from the bench by way of empathy (but he understands how we feel about that.) Empathy. Emotion. Bias. Just what you want when it comes to the rule of law. Rule in favor of the one for whom you feel most sorry.

That's a lot like the Senate Judiciary Committee, which wants to give their favorite politically correct people more legal protection than the rest of us. In a hearing this Thursday, watch the Democrats as they clamor to give homosexual activists and other sexual deviances – itemized in an APA list of "sexual orientations" that's 547 long – special favor. Forget about equal protection. Forget about free speech. Their goal is to give more legal protection to the ones the Democrat majority likes the most. The ones they must reward for their campaign contributions.

Barack Obama wants to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act. So much for standing for marriage between one man and one woman as he promised during the campaign. And while marriage is under attack, in the Midwest and especially in the Northeast many are asking, "What can we do"

Now, Obama and the Democrats are trying to ram through socialized medicine to take our minds off the trillions they've already added to the national debt.

Nothing takes your mind off credit card debt more than going shopping!

Maybe Obama's poll numbers will fall even more when doctors see an end to their freedom of conscience as this administration tries to turn them into executioners by forcing them to perform abortions or leave medicine. Maybe they'll drop even further when America waits in long lines for health care like they do government cheese.

And now ABC is moving into the White House to film an infomercial to help force Obama's multi-trillion dollar socialized medicine down our throats.

After Obama's own personal "Saturday Night Live" Routine, not surprisingly, the media stood to give Obama a standing ovation, just like they do every day with the news they "report." It was a chance for them all to sit back and laugh at America.

But this isn't funny any more.


Red June 23, 2009 at 2:40 PM  

I think I need a peppermint because I'm about to throw up.

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