Thursday, June 25, 2009

Why Jimmy Carter Loves Obama

The Obama/MainstreamMedia love affair isn't the only one going on in the White House today. There is a mutual love affair between Jimmy Carter and Obama.

This isn't hard to figure out. Both ran their campaigns on "Change". Both came from nowhere. Carter was a peanut farmer with limited experience as the governor of Georgia. Obama, a community organizer with a very limited experience in Congress. Neither had/has the experience or background to run the country. Jimmy Carter sat back as a young Ahmadinejad held Americans hostage in Iran. Obama is sitting back as the same man holds a whole nation hostage.

Carter inherited a bad economy. Nixon and Ford were neither one conservative and expanded government after Lyndon Johnson passed the most expansive government programs since FDR. Carter led the way into a period of deeper recessions, stagnation, inflation, high interest rates, home mortgage defaults, interest rate hikes increased oil prices. On the foreign front, he scaled back the military and looked weak at a time that the US needed to look strong.

Does any of that sound familiar?

At a time in our history when he was handed the keys to the country to turn things around, Jimmy Carter drove us into a ditch. It took Ronald Reagan most of his first term to get us out.

As Obama frequently point out, he inherited some problems. Like Carter, he seems intent on making them worse. Obama hammers George W. Bush on deficits and then proceeds to quadruple them. Obama hammers Bush on his Mid East policy at the very time in history that things appear to be affirming Bush's stance. Obama hammers Bush on the economy while the American people are rapidly losing confidence in his own ability to have a positive impact. 

Jimmy Carter's love for Obama is more than just the similarities they share. It's more than the fact that the share a party. It's more than the fact they both get good lovin' from Hugo Chavez. There's something else going on. 

The real reason Carter loves Obama is legacy. Barack Obama is promising to replace Jimmy Carter as The Worst President in the history of the United States. 

For that, Jimmy Carter will be eternally grateful to Mr. Obama.


Amusing Bunni June 28, 2009 at 10:55 AM  

When I saw the title of this, before I even read your insightful narrative, I thought to myself "He loves him because now he isn't the WORST pres. in the History of the USA".
GMTA, Handbasket!

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