Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Obama Throws Israel Under the Bus

In a not-so-startling speech, Obama makes clear that while he wants to build bridges with nations and people that hate us and will always hate us, he wants to alienate our only real ally in the middle east.

Tensions are flaring in neighboring Israel over the U.S. president's latest demands on the Jewish state. 

Top Israeli officials continue to rebuff Obama's call for the country to freeze all settlement construction in the West Bank. Obama's demand, which he reiterated strongly in an interview with National Public Radio ahead of his trip, is seen as a far tougher stance than that taken by his predecessor in the White House. 

Whereas prior administrations generally opposed settlement construction, they allowed for "natural growth" of existing settlements. 

But speaking to NPR, Obama said he has told the Israelis "both privately and publicly" that their obligation includes a freeze on settlements, "including natural growth." 

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israeli officials have rejected that demand. And Israeli media have fixed on the spat as the U.S. president tours Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and later France and Germany, while skipping Israel. 

If Obama's actions in the prior four months haven't been enough, it should be obvious to everyone after this week that Obama should have the word "CLUELESS" tattooed across his forehead.


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