Thursday, June 18, 2009


In pushing for the Generational Theft Act back in January, Obama claimed he would "create or save" so many jobs that we'd all be swimming in work. Now that unemployment has topped 9% (and is rising), the administration is still parroting the "created or saved" mantra. Of course, there's no way to back that up, and most reasonable people are skeptical, since they cannot point to a single private sector job that has been created or saved. 

Yesterday, Obama tried to make the claim that the news media was being unfair to him. 

Yeah, right. That claim is not even worth arguing. Even the liberals acknowledge it. The editor of the San Francisco Chronicle, himself an avowed liberal, admitted that it was getting so bad that Obama and the media "ought to get a room."

Obama's philosophy seems to be that if you tell a lie, make it a big one, keep a straight face, and repeat it often.

On Monday, Obama said that his budget proposals will take the country "all the way to covering the full cost of health care reform."


How's he going to do that. His budget proposals can't even pay for the deficits he's creating without health care reform. Even his extremely optimistic projections have the national debt quadrupling during his term in office.

Still, in and address to the AMA in Chicago, he made the claim that the program would be "fully paid for" and that the $950 billion in savings and revenue that he's put forward will cover the cost of the program. The added that this amount does not include "longer term savings" from prevention programs and other strategies.

Is it any wonder that people are losing confidence in Obama's management of the economy?

By the way, the CBO doesn't seem to buy in. Their analysis of Obama's program suggests a cost of over $1 trillion and they are saying that would still reduce the number of uninsured Americans by only about half. Furthermore, they say that one of the Health Care Reform bills that Congress is looking at would cost over $1.6 trillion. Meanwhile Health Systems Innovations Network, a consulting group estimated the full cost of a bill that included subsidies and Medicaid expansion and would reduce the number of uninsured by 99 percent. That bill would cost the American taxpayer $4 trillion. 


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