Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pro-Choice Really Isn't

I've written a few posts over the past few weeks challenging the proper use of some of the words we use. The misuse of the word "sacred," for example, when we say that all life is sacred.

I was reading an article a few minutes ago regarding the "Pro-Choice" movement.

What a noble thought ... Pro-Choice.  Who could possibly be against choosing? Who can be anti-choice?

If only it were really true. 

The so called "Pro-Choice" crowd isn't really for choice, any more than the pro-life crowd is opposed to choosing. What the Pro-Abortionist crowd really represents is "Anti-Consequences." The Pro-Abortionists like to scream and complain that Republicans or conservatives need to stay out of their bedrooms and stay out of their wombs. Yet, I've never heard a conservative or Republican wanting to restrict what they do in the bedroom. Want to have illicit sex? Go ahead. Want to have sex with four or five or six different partners? We haven't created a law to prevent it.

But the Pro-Abortionists aren't content to stop there. They not only want to have all the sex they can stand, but they want to be free from the consequences of their choices.

That's consistent with all the leftists liberals.

Don't want to get a decent job that pays for health care insurance? Get the Government to pay for it.  Don't want to work at all?  Go on welfare.  Bad choices ... no consequences. What could be better.

The problem is that there are consequences, and someone must pay them. If you refuse to pay for your own health care, the rest of the tax paying, insured American public pays for your health care costs. If you refuse to work and go on welfare, the rest of us are forced to pick up the costs.

And if you have unprotected sex and become pregnant, you have created a human life that will have to suffer the consequences of your "choice." That little human being may be murdered for your convenience. Or it may be born into a family that doesn't want it and treats it with disdain. Or it may be adopted out into a loving, caring family where it can grow and mature into a valuable, healthy adult. 

Still, no matter what "choice" is made, there are always consequences.


Chuck June 10, 2009 at 9:41 AM  

They don't want a choice. Sarah Palin made a choice and they attacked her for it. The media fosters these semantics to push the far left agenda. If your for abortion (and I'm sorry but if you are pro-choice, you are for abortion) your pro-choice. If your pro-life your anti-abortion. These are subtle but effective semantics

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