Thursday, June 11, 2009

Obama: "What's the Alternative?"

Not surprising, Obama is now pushing for CommieCare for everyone. Which of course means that he wants to give 350 million people access to a system that, in many cases, has been overloaded serving 250 million (or less) people. 

Health Industry experts and insurers are already saying that the way to pay for nationalized health care is to reduce services and, in essence, ration care. 

Obama's best argument?  "To those who criticize our efforts, I ask them, "What's the alternative?"

Well, how about this for an alternative... Instead of running up the nation debt several trillion more dollars every year for a system that ultimately will decrease the quality of care for everyone, why don't we focus on FIXING THE ECONOMY.  Remember the economy? That thing that was on the brink of disaster just a few short weeks ago?  Remember how we were in such an economic crisis?

Remember how you criticized George W. Bush for the deficits he ran up? Remember how you said that deficits were bad and how you "inherited" all those nasty deficits?

How about this for an alternative.... Let's create an economic environment in which businesses and individuals can produce goods and services, thrive economically, employ other people and AFFORD THEIR OWN HEALTH CARE. 

Or is that just too complicated?

I guess it's just easier to pass some piece of massive legislation that will hand over health insurance to everyone who doesn't want to take responsibility for it themselves.

Or maybe, it's just a matter of amassing more power for the democrats.


lady di June 12, 2009 at 9:58 AM  

welcome to the new world order.
it is going to be a really difficult 4 years ahead for anyone who believes in capitalism and anyone with a small business.

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